Citizenship Program

Alvogen is committed to making a difference in the local communities in which it operates. 


Alvogen employees in South Korea have set up a local community charity team known under the magical name of Moa-Sohn, which roughly translates as the “gathering of hands”. At regular intervals, this small but dedicated group of volunteers visit the local Timothy Children Care Center where they look after children whose parents are still at work after regular school hours. The team helps them out with homework, feeds them dinner before their parents get home and, on certain weekends, even provide music lessons and manage playgroups.

So far Moa-Sohn has happily painted dilapidated walls, cooked several months’ supply of Kimchi, and performed a whole series of other odd jobs upon request. Most of the group’s activities and buying materials are financed by self-raised funds and in the future this ambitious little group intends to take on more charity projects and collaborate on Better Planet programs.

Dream Save Program

Alvogen Korea has made arrangements with KBO and Korea Red Cross to start the “Dream Save with KBO-Alvogen Korea-Korea Red Cross” charity program.

“Dream Save”, which means saving children’s dreams in life, is a donation program to support medically underprivileged children with their medical bills or any living expenses. The sponsor will reserve 200,000 won whenever a save happens during the KBO regular season, and the accumulated fund will be given to a child recommended by Korea Red Cross. The program will be able to help out 5~6 children for the year. When the target amount of money is fully collected for each child, the player with the most saves during that period will receive a prize of 1,000,000 won.

Alvogen Korea wanted to do something meaningful with the donations by employees, and thus decided to take part in this “Dream Save” program in order to give a little hand to those children with disease in a harsh environment so that they would not give up on hopes and dreams in life.