Setting a new standard in our industry

Our vision is to become a company that opens up a new horizon in the pharmaceutical market.

We have the ambition to become a APAC TOP 5 player by securing various business models that comply with market demands and the best technology that will help us be the first in market.

Vision 2020


Cost Efficiency

Be a highly efficient, lean and fast-moving organization where everyone continuously works to find ways to lower costs to enhance our competitiveness.


We bring the world a high quality portfolio of advanced pharmaceutical products. Effective launches of our products fuel our growth.


We love giving back to our communities and we like to make the world a better place for children.


Maintain a winning network of business partners, customers and suppliers for mutual value creation.


Offer best-in-class customer service driven by our personal commitment to serving the needs of our customers. The reliability of our service is ensured through our quality standards preventing out of stock delays and securing dependable delivery of products.


Be a great place for work and offer a challenging and rewarding environment for people who want to achieve their full potential. Our success is driven by our ability to attract and retain the industry¡¯s top talent around the world.