Alvogen Korea will continue to maintain dominance in the domestic anti-obesity market, and build a balanced and specialized product portforlio by maximizing each companies‘ strengths.

  • Anti-obesity treatment products – We now have over 30 outstanding products such as Furing and Oliet.
  • Therapeutic drugs – The portfolio includes various products in various therapeutic such as nephrology, cardiology, and urology. We will reinforce investments in R&D of oncology and neurology treatment drugs.
  • Incrementally Modified Drugs – We also have shown continuous results in the incrementally modified drug category. Starting with Sarpodipil SR, the World‘s First Once Daily Sarpogrelate product, and R&D in hyperlipidemia combination and hyperlipidemia - hypertension combination, we are ready to become the next generation player of incrementally modified drugs in Korean market.

Our Therapeutic categories










Supply Chain

A new product launch is a very important factor for development and future value of the company. All R&D projects should proceed according to the plan with precision, and active cooperation between relevant departments is essential for a timely launch.

Through integration, we will have reinforced sales channels from general hospitals to clinics, and provide the best possible services to consumers with timely offering of a wide range of portfolio.

Various dosage forms

such as tablets, coated tablets, capsules, granules, powders and sachets.


All R&D researchers at Alvogen Korea are dedicated to developing and delivering safe and beneficial products to people through cutting-edge technology.

Through bold investments in R&D, Alvogen Korea, starting from Sapodifil SR launch in May 2015, will continue its research in various areas, not only in incrementally modified drugs such as fixed dose combination or controlled release, but also in oncology and CNS treatment drugs. 

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Alvogen Korea believes in making strong relationships with customers based on trust and reliability. We will continue to offer best-in-class customer service to serve the needs of our customers.

If you have any inquiries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.