Terms and Conditions of Agreement

Article 1 (Purpose) This user agreement is to define right and obligations of the Company and Member, responsibility and other matters required related with use of Alvogen Korea homepage which Company Co., Ltd (hereinafter is called as “Company”) provides.

Article 2 (Definition) Terms used in this user agreement has meaning as followings.
“Service” means the Alvogen Korea homepage which Member can use regardless of any terminal realized (various wire/wireless DVs such as PC, TV, portable terminal, etc.).
“Member” means a person who uses “Service” which Member provides after accessing Service of Company and entering into the user agreement in accordance with this user agreement.
“Password” means certain characters or combinations of numbers which Member designates to confirm Member corresponds to a name that Member is assigned of to protect confidentiality.
“Posted article” means any writing, picture, video, various file and link in a type of information whether it is sign, character, voice, sound, image, visual image, etc. which is posted under the Service in using Service by Member.

Article 3 (Posting of Agreement and Revision)
Company shall display contents of this user agreement to let Member understand easily.
Company can revise this user agreement to the extent such a revised provision does not violate related laws such as “Act on Information Network Use Promotion and Protection Of Information” (hereinafter called as “Information Network Act”.
When Company revises this user agreement, Company shall notice at least 30 days before application of the revised policy in accordance with the method of clause 1 with the current policy by specifying the date of application and reasons of revision. But if there is any revised provision adversary to Member, it should be clearly notified to Member through electronic means such as e-mail, e-note, agreement window at log-in, etc. besides a public notice.
When a user does not express any opinion of the objection explicitly although Company clearly announced or noticed Member would be acknowledged the expression of the intent when revised policy is announced or noticed in accordance with the previous clause, a user is deemed to agree on the revised policy.
If any user does not agree on the application of the revised policy, Company shall not apply such revised agreement and Member can terminate this use policy. But if there is any reason of not applying the existing agreement, Company may terminate this user agreement.

Article 4 (Interpretation)
Company mat have a separate use agreement and policy (hereinafter called as “Chargeable Service Agreement, etc.”) for “Chargeable Service” and any individual Service and when the contents of such agreement is in conflict to this user agreement, ““Chargeable Service Agreement, etc.” shall prevail.
Any matter or interpretation which is not defined in this user agreement shall be in accordance with “Chargeable Service agreement, etc.”, related laws and commercial customs.

Article 5 (Conclusion of User Agreement)
This user agreement shall be entered when any person who intends to be Member (hereinafter called as “subscription applicant”) agrees on contents of the agreement, apply for membership and Company accepts such an application.
Company shall grant use of Service for an application of “membership applicant” in principle. But, Company may not grant the application as followings or terminate this user agreement subsequently.
1. When a member has a history of losing membership for this user agreement in the past. But when a person with such a loss of membership is over a year and granted of rejoin for membership by Company shall not be so.
2. When a name is not real or a name of another person is used
3. When any false information is entered or contents which Company suggests is not listed
4. When a children less than 14 years old does not get consent of legal representative (parent, etc.)
5. When a grant is impossible due to attributions of Member or any application is made in violation of other matters specified
In case of the application in accordance with clause 1, Company may request a real name confirmation and user authentication through a special institution according to types of Member
Company shall retain a right of reserving a grant when there is not any room of facilities related with Service or there is any problem of technologies or works.
When Company does not grant or reserve the application of membership in accordance with clause 2 and 4, Company shall notify this to each applicant in principle.
This user agreement shall be effective from the point specified in the application completion procedure.
Company may differentiate use of Member by subdividing use time, use hours, Service menu, etc, by classifying according to rating in accordance with the company policy.

Article 6 (Change of information)
When there is any change of listed information, Member shall give notice for such changed information to Company by e-mail or other means.
Company shall not be responsible for any disadvantage arisen from failing to notify changed information of clause 2.

Article 7 (Duty of Private Information Protection) Company shall make efforts to preserve private information of Member in accordance with related law such as “Information Network Act”, etc. For protection of private information and use, related laws and the guidelines of private information handling shall be applied. But the guidelines of private information handling shall be applied to linked sites other than the official site of Company.

Article 8 (Duty of Management for “ID” and “Password" of Member)
Member shall be responsible for managing ID and Password of Member and shall not let any third party use those.
When there is any concern or possibility that ID or private information is disclosed or anything is against anti-social or traditional customs or Company or any operator of Company is misinterpreted, Company may restrict use of the applicable ID.
When ID and Password of Member are expropriated or Member notices a third party is using them, Member shall notify this to Company immediately and follow instructions of Company.
Company shall not be responsible for any disadvantage arisen from failing to notify such a fact to Company or to follow instructions of Company.

Article 9 Notice to Member)
When Company gives a notice to Member, Company may notify by e-mail, e-note, etc, unless otherwise specified in this user agreement.
Company may substitute the notice of clause 1 by posting in the bulletin of Company more than 7 days in case of any notice for all Members.

Article 10 (Obligation of Company)
Company shall not make any action which this user agreement bans or is against traditional customs and make best efforts to provide Service continuously and stably.
Company shall be equipped with a Service system to protection private information (including credit information) so that Member can use Service safely, give public notice of and comply with private information handling guidelines.
When any claim or opinion of Member for Service use is deemed to be justifiable, Company shall process it. The processing and result of each claim or opinion of Member should be delivered to Member through a bulletin board or e-mail or other means.

Article 11 (Obligation of Member)
Member shall not make any of followings.
1. Registration of false information at application or change of information
2. Exploitation of another person’s information
3. Any change of information which Company posted
4. Transmitting or posting information other than information that Company defined
5. Infringement on any intellectual properties such as copyright of Company or a third party, etc.
6. Any action which damage or defame reputation of Company and any third party or interrupt works
7. Disclosing or posting any information which is indecent and violent message or visual image or against other good public order and customs.
8. Any action of using Service for profits without approval of Company
9. Any illegal or unjustifiable action
Member shall comply with all noticed notes and matters Company notified related with provisions of this user agreement, instructions and Service and shall not make any action which interfere works of Company.

Article 12 (Providing "Service", etc.)
Company shall provide following service to Member.
1. Information providing service
2. Bulletin board type service
3. All services which Company develops additionally and which is provided through tie contracts with other companies.
Company may designated use hours additionally by dividing Service into certain scopes. But in this case, such contents shall be notice in advance.
Service shall be provided 24 hours a day without holidays.
Company may suspend Service temporarily when information telecommunication facilities are under repair, replacement, disorder or there is any reasonable reason of operation. But when Company can’t give notice in advance, such a notice can be made afterwards.
Company may perform a regular inspection if necessary for Service providing and such a regular inspection time shall be in accordance with a notice on the Service providing screen.

Article 13 (Change of Service)
If there is any justifiable reason, Company may change whole or part of Service which is being provided according to operational or technological necessities.
If there is any change of Service contents, use method and use hours, the reason of change, contents and date of Service to be changed shall be posted on the initial screen of the applicable Service more than 7 days before the change.
Company shall be entitled to amend, suspend and change whole or part of Service which Company provides without charge under any necessity of policy and operation of Company and shall not make compensation unless otherwise specified in this user agreement.

Article 14 (Providing Information and Posting Advertisement)
Company may provide various information which is deemed to be required in sole discretion of Company by means of public notice, e-mail or others. But except for information related with transaction or reply to customer inquiry, etc., Member may refuse to receive e-mails, etc. at any time.
When Company intends to transmit information above clause 1 by telephone or fax, Company shall get approval of Member in advance. But information related with transaction or reply to customer inquiry, etc. shall be excluded.
Company may post any advertisement on the service screen, homepage, e-mail, etc. related with operation of Service. If any Member who received e-mail, etc. in which any advertisement is enclosed may refuse to receive to Company.

Article 15 (Copyright of "Posted Article")
Any Posted Article which is posted in Service shall belong to the author of the applicable Posted Article.
Any Posted Article which Member posts in Service may be exposed to a search result or Service or any promotion related with Service, etc. and may be posted by revision, reproduction and edition to the extent where it is required for the applicable exposure. In this case, Company shall comply with regulations of Copyright Act and Member shall be entitled to take any actions such as deletion of such Posted Article, exclusion of a search result, non-disclosure, etc. through a customer centre or a management function within Service.
When Company intends to use Posted Article of Member in ways other than clause 2, Company shall get consent of Member in advance through telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.

Article 16 (Management of Posted Article)
When any Posted Article of Member includes any content in violation of related laws such as “Information Network Act”, “Act on Copyright”, etc., a person with such rights cam request to suspend posting, deletion of Posted Article, etc. in accordance with procedures defined be related laws.
Even there is not any request of a person with such rights, if there is any reason of acknowledging infringement of rights or it is in violation of Company policy and related laws, Company may take actions temporary measures, etc. for Posted Article.
Detailed procedures under this article shall be “posting suspension request service” to the extent specified in the “Information Network Act” and “Act on Copyrights”.

Article 17 (Attribution of Rights)
All copyrights and intellectual property rights for Service shall belong to Company. but Posted Article of Um works which are provided according to tie contracts shall be excluded.
Company shall assign a use right which can use an account, ID, contents, etc. in accordance with terms and conditions of use which Company defined related with Service to Member and Member shall not may any action of disposal such as transfer, sale, giving as collateral, etc.

Article 18 (Termination)
Member may apply for termination application at any time through MEMBER menu of the initial service screenshot and Company shall process such an application immediately according to provisions of related laws, etc.
When Member terminates this user agreement, all data of Member shall be extinguished unless otherwise specified for holding Member information by Company in accordance with related laws and the private information handling policy.
When Member terminates this agreement, all posted articles registered in the account of applicant out of Posted Article which Member prepared shall be deleted. But Posted Article which is reposted through saving and scrap, etc. by other persons or registered in the public bulletin board is not deleted. So withdraw after deleting in advance.

Article 19 (Use Restriction, etc.)
When any Member violates duties under this user agreement or interferes normal operations of Service, Company may restrict use of Service by stage through a warning, temporary suspension, permanent suspension, etc.
Notwithstanding the clause above, when any Member violates any related laws such as illegal use of name and expropriation of settlement in violation of “Residential Registration Act”, providing illegal programs in violation of “Computer Program Protection Act”, operation interference, illegal telecommunication and hacking in violation of “information Network Act”, distribution of malicious program, overuse behavior beyond access rights, etc., Company may immediately suspend the right of use permanently. In case of permanent suspension under this clause, all benefits which are achieved through using Service shall be extinguished and Company shall not make any compensation additionally.
When Member does not log-in for 3 months, Company may restrict use for protection of Member information and efficiency of operation.
When Company restrict use under this article or terminate this user agreement, Company shall give notice in accordance with article 9, (Notice to Member).
Member may report an objection according to procedures which Company defined for use restriction, etc. under this article. At this time when Company acknowledges such an objection is justifiable, Company shall immediately resume Service.

Article 20 (Restriction of Responsibility)
When Company is not able to provide Service due to any natural disaster or any reason of force majeure, the responsibilities of providing Service is indemnified.
Company shall not be responsible for any disorder of Service use due to attributions of Member.
Company shall not be responsible for contents of information, materials, reliability of facts, accuracy, etc. which are posted by Member related with Service.
Company shall not be indemnified and hold harmless for responsibilities of any transaction which is made between Members and between Member and a third party through Service as medium.
Company shall not be responsible for any service use which is provided by Company for free unless otherwise specified by special provisions in related laws.

Article 21 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
Any dispute between Company and Member shall be governed by laws of Korea.
Any suit arisen from Company and Member shall be succumb to the jurisdiction of competent court under the Civil Proceedings Act.
Addenda This user agreement shall be effective from June 1, 2015.